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Clé de Peau Beauté -
Skin-Empowering Illuminator
The Key to Skin’s
Beauty Turning A Night Miracle

Able to enhance Skin Intelligence, helping it to better identify stressors such as UV and mental stress. To increase skin’s intuitive ability to repair and defend; boosting its inner brilliance for a more radiant now.

Boosting Skin Brilliance with Skin-Empowering Illuminator

The exclusive complex at the core includes Platinum Golden Silk Essence, Japanese Pearl Extract, Theanine, Perilla Extract and Angelica Acutiloba Extract. Their potential unlocked by ground- breaking science.

La Crème

With the highest-potency of Skin-Empowering Illuminator, the 8th generation of La Crème. It empowers the innate abilities to reach its highest potential. Targeted the microcirculation, it enhances skin’s night-time mechanism, focusing on triple stem cells and intensify skin’s regenerative ability through improving collagen production.

FROM HK$4,600

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